Fall in Valencia

Fall in Valencia, the sun is still shining, the temperatures are good and there are oranges everywhere. Valencia in the fall, is definitely a must do.

The smell of chestnuts

In autumn you can’t miss the smell of the roasted chestnuts. This specialty is a true fall treat for the locals. You will smell the roasted chestnuts everywhere… Would you like to try roasted chestnuts, just follow the aroma and you will find people roasting them on corners of streets. Fall is also the time of mushrooms. In Spain there are a lot of harvest festivals, but in Valencia you won’t find them a lot, except on your plate in the restaurant. Don’t forget to order this seasonal product during fall in Valencia.

Let’s go the beach

During fall to the beach, in Valencia it is possible. During the fall the temperatures can go up to 30 degrees. Perfect beach weather if you’d ask us! You can cool down in the sea, which is about 20 degrees and relax on the beach. Maybe it is not that crowded anymore. The average temperature is between 20 and 27 degrees.

Harvest season

In September it is time to harvest the rice for the traditional paella. These rice fields are just outside of Valencia in the village El Palmar. It will feel like you are in Asia with all the rice fields around you. In El Palmar you can enjoy the traditional Paella Valenciana, and you can make a boat trip on the Albufera lake. The Albufera lake is the biggest sweet water lake of Spain. If you want to know more about Albufera, see this page.

Events & holidays

In Valencia there are a lot of festivities and events during the year. Also in autumn there are some special events, for example on the 9th of October. On this day the Valencian people celebrate the day of Valencia (Día de la Comunidad Valenciana). Everyone celebrates the region Valencia during this event. On this day in 1238 the Spanish people recaptured the city from the Arabs. When you are in Valencia on the 9th of October you will see firework, the mascletá and a parade.

Sportive events

Beside these events there are also some sport events, for example the marathon of Valencia in November. This marathon is for everyone and starts in the imposing City of Art and Sciences. Also in the second week of November there is the MotoGP event. This event takes place just outside Valencia in Cheste.

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